Lina Luckway
Wonderful place from the very beginning! I called and the owner made me feel that I'm the most welcome person in the world. We came and received warm welcome with all our questions answered. The food was exceptionally delicious. Thank you Mike! Definitely when we will be at the area will come back.
Anne Marie J
Muffins, coffee, and breakfast were so very good, service was exceptional, highly recommended!
Matthias Ludwig
Hey Mike. It was worth to come all over from Swiztzerland to your bakery. 😏 the cupcake‘s and the cinnamon roll where a blast. Thank you so much!!!! …
Francisco Valdes
We found a Gem here, delicious food, home style, quality ingredients, everything is gluten free by the way and they have a good amount of vegan options. Definitely you’ll have to try it, you’ll love it. PS they have zucchini bread.
Michael Wood
Absolutely incredible. Everything is delicious! As someone with celiac this place is heaven!
jennifer manivong
My daughter has celiac and we were delighted to find Big Mike’s while in town visiting friends. The bacon, egg, cheese sandwich was hands down the best, according to my daughter. We also enjoyed the cinnamon buns and banana chocolate chip muffin. We highly recommend Big Mike’s to anyone with or without a gluten allergy to stop in and grab a treat. You will not be disappointed!
Alex Alvarez
Incredible GF and vegan options and truly kind service. Highly recommend
Jessie Russell
We visited Big Mike's from Washington state and decided on the energy muffin and zucchini bread (to take home). My husband ate the muffin there and decided to buy another for the flight home. It was delicious! We've been enjoying the zucchini bread today! We hope to visit Florida again and will definitely swing by Big Mike's for more goodies and a friendly, loving atmosphere.
Delicious and very welcoming! Our kids love all the yummy vegan options! Vegan grilled cheese and the flatbread were both great!
Big Mike knows how to make gluten free cakes. We got an 8 inch cake. Was ready on time and beautifully prepared. We had a cake topper so no design. Everyone at the party loved the cake and couldn't believe it was GF. Moist and great flavor without being a sugar bomb. My 2 and 4 year old loved it. Highly recommend! I also had a bacon breakfast sandwich while visiting and it was excellent as well.
My wife recently found out that she's now on a gluten free diet and it's so hard to find pastries for her. One day we happened to see Big Mikes Bakery and she gave it a shot. To say we were both pleased is an understatement. We ate the bread and the cookies so fast, we forgot to take pictures 😂. We DEFINITELY will be going back to try the other varieties. Thanks Big Mike. Your Awesome!
Dale D
I have been keto for a few months and have always been disappointed with keto baked goods due to them beeing too dry, too sweet and just not good. These cupcakes surpassed my expectations. I was a bit nervous to try them due to my previous baked good experience but these keto cupcakes were AMAZING. They weren't too sweet and not dry at all and don't have that weird sandy feel that some keto cakes have. I absolutely loved them.
Natalie Twyman
So happy Mike relocated to his own bakery/cafe! Went to the new location at 7891 Sample Rd Coral Springs TWICE this week. The lemon blueberry keto muffin is MY fave. Not pictured bc my daughter devoured it the second we got in the car, was an M&M gf cookie. The fresh vanilla cream atop the keto vanilla cupcake was a delight. Last but not least is the gf double chocolate chip muffin. My other daughter said it was better than cake! Strongly recommend this bakery even if you don’t have special diet restrictions. Better ingredients made with love and a friendly smile always!
Matte Tyree
Wow this place is fantastic. Expertly prepared with the finest of ingredients = the healthiest choice + the finest tasting. Brand new location looks like an operating room for cleanliness but smells like mom’s kitchen from all the fresh baked goods. Big Mike is upholding the highest of standards for those in need of specialty food items in accordance with their dietary needs. Will return often.
Moise Pipik
So delicious. Such a great bakery. I wish he’d make it 100% kosher… what business he’d get! I went for my wife who can’t eat the regular flour and was surprised on what a nice place this is. Very clean and brand new looking. I had a extremely tasty cookie. She loved the brownies. I’d love to see a nice chocolate babka on the menu :-) Dr. P
Tarren Austad
Big Mike is an incredible human. You’ll have to visit to find out for yourself, highly recommend! His bakery at 7891 Sample Rd. in Coral Springs is warm and welcoming. Ordered a breakfast sandwich and an omelette, both were delicious. Coffee was superb. Service even better. But I have to highlight his muffins and cupcakes! The double chocolate cupcake is insanely good. The carrot, chia, zucchini + muffins are WOW! My absolute favorite. Love this place! I’ll be back for more.
Chad Whittington
First of all, Big Mike is a really nice guy. Very customer-oriented and friendly. Secondly, he was able to make a gluten-free, sugar-free cake for my wife’s birthday. Normally, all of these “-free” products sacrifice flavor or texture…Big Mike uses some sort of secret magic and makes a delicious cake that sacrifices nothing. My wife was so excited to be able to have cake for her birthday. Now she can’t wait for his new location to open up in the next few weeks.
Amy Cserny
Big Mike to the rescue! He made this incredible cake for my parents’ wedding anniversary. It was absolutely amazing as is everything he makes. He made this on a last minute request too! It’s Madagascar vanilla and delicious! Worth every penny! I have never had anything I didn’t like made from Big Mike. I picked up the cake 24 hours after I made the request! My mom and I have Celiac so it’s so refreshing to know we can have safe celebrations thanks to people like him. Dad, who isn’t gluten free, was so impressed and can’t wait to have leftovers for breakfast 😋. Please please please support Big Mike. His ingredients are fresh, organic and as always gluten free. The quality is outstanding and talking to him for 5 minutes will most certainly make your day. Not only is he talented he’s just an amazing human being. Thank you!!!!!!